AGV Consulting

Organizations are in continuous challenge of raising efficiency and effectiveness to maintain market competitiveness. AGV consulting acts as an organization’s transformation partner by assisting organizations to set SMART goals and mapping those goals with relevant business processes. Those business processes, in turn, has to be defined, measured, analyzed, improved, controlled and most importantly aligned with business objectives.

Unlike many other consulting services, AGV consulting takes an integrated approach to excellence to transform an organization—meaning it ties measurable strategic objective with measurable process output. AGV consulting recommends necessary technological tools and framework (often readily available with AGV solutions) to achieve objectives at both strategic and operational level.

Strategic Consulting

Implementation Consulting

Assurance Consulting

Strategic Consulting

At the highest level, as strategic consultants we provide thought leadership, unbiased partnership and deep industry knowledge.

As such, the goal of our strategic consultancy is similar to the role of a doctor diagnosing the problems of a company and prescribing actions to remedy and improve the situation.

In the day-to-day, this means getting to understand the business, making sure the questions asked by the client are actually the questions they should be asking, then gathering the information on how to best answer that question. Finally, it would involve working with the client to come up with a realistically-implementable strategy to set the direction and help break through any organization red-tape to get buy-in and urgency for the strategy.


Implementation Consulting

As an Implementation Consultant, we do the “heavy lifting” for companies that need help with special projects. These projects are often too big for them to handle alone — for instance, they must be executed on a companywide scale. Just as some people hire an architect/engineers to design and develop a skyscraper, companies hire Implementation Consultants to assist with those special projects. Our role as implementation consultants is to make the project happen on time and on budget and to meet the needs of users. That includes making sure that users are correctly and fully trained in the use of the system. It also includes making sure that any bugs or problems are ironed out of the system before it goes live.

The project could be implementing a new piece of software, which requires installing it on the company’s computers, configuring it for the company’s goals and preferences, and training the company’s staff to use it. Another example could be where the Client has purchased a specialized system or solution but requires experts to implement the application for workability.

Assurance Consulting

In assurance consulting we work with one goal in mind that once a project is implemented, the effectiveness or objective reachability is measured Many organizations seem to think that it is not worth bothering with ‘project audit’, and also senior management may confu.
3se it with financial audit. We can help provide transparency to such risks and help enable organizations to make confident decisions to facilitate program success.

To gain competitive advantage and keep pace with regulatory requirements, organizations need to undertake an unprecedented amount of transformational change. The benefits of such big, IT-heavy projects can be great – but they’re not without risks. Failure to manage these risks successfully can have many adverse consequences, both operational and reputational.

• Alignment of project scope with agreed business case and stakeholder expectations can help achieve quick wins that built trust, credibility, and momentum for success.

• An effective portfolio optimization and sustainment program can enable companies to achieve successful project management.

• Good IT Governance sees the business and IT working towards common goals, with structures in place to mitigate the inevitable deviations from the plan.